There is no time like the present to get started and do something, right?

I have been thinking about all the game ideas I have had floating in my head for years. Every so often I get this urge to start making something, and each time I get stuck on one small point or another. Each time I get super into it, for a short while then drop it as life gets crazy, or I get distracted by something else, like a new World of Warcraft Expansion. So this blog and the journey I hope to go on, will be my latest attempt to learn and make games.

I started off by thinking about all the possible games I can make. I get too invested in big picture, then when I sit down I don't know where to start. So this time I went to /r/gamedev and looked around. They had some great guides on how to get started. What Frameworks and engines to use, etc. The biggest take away was that I should stop trying to pick the best starting point and just get started and DO something. Make a thing, it may not be good, but make it. Then do it again, and make it better. Just keep making things till you like what you made. Then do it again.

This mentality is something I have failed at, I have started learning iOS development 5 or 6 times in my life, never getting as far as making my own app. So this time, I am going to start small, and grow. The iOS development and Swift/Obj-C are not going anywhere. So I picked a framework to start trying things. If it goes well I picked a free engine to work with.

I have decided to start with Python and pygame. I have used Python on the past, and its one of the most popular systems out there right now. It will be a good skill to have, and it will give me practice on things like game loop logic and other programming systems I have never done before. Sure I have programmed for years, but not game programming. It really is its own beast.

So today, I install python and pygame. I got a free book in hand, and I am going to start. I hope to document my progress, accomplishments, and failures here. Keep me motivated and learn as I go. Maybe even learn more because I am typing it out for the world (or maybe 1 random bot who ends up on my page) to read.

Here is to the future.