Python and pygame

Back in college I had my first exposure to Python. It was a beautiful language, required indents that become part of the program. I remember saying to my classmates that ugly Python code doesn't run, but pretty code is already half way there.

Sadly school pushed me into a C++ direction. Then after graduation everything was in C# and SQL. All business logic, and no real fun game ideas. So I never really went back to Python. Even though it could have been a great tool for making scripts to make my life easier.

So picking it up again has felt really good. It just looks great. Some of it really does come back.

First I wanted to get my environment set up. My mac has Python 2.7 built in, but the modern system is 3.7. So after downloading the new version I needed to go in and modify my bash file to set up an alias to pything3

This should work for when I use the mac terminal.

Then I wanted to pick a good IDE to edit in. Since most of my work will be on my mac I was tempted to use Coda, a great IDE built for the mac. But I also have a good Windows machine I might want to code on as well, so I ended up using Atom. A free IDE that is available for Mac and PC. I installed a few items into it.

Script seems like a great tool to run code directly from Atom.

autocomplete-python - To help editing pythong

file-icons - Just makes the file browser look better, with actual icons. mini-map - Small preview of code, for large files.

I did need to mess with Script a bit, so it will run the right version of Python. I went into the code and modified the command for Python to Python3. That seemed to fix the issue.

I got the same setup on my PC as well. All ready to code!