I have been debating over and over where I should start. I have dug into Pygame a bit. I have downloaded and read a bit about Godot. I keep getting stuck.

Where should I start? What do I want to do with my skills?

I think I boiled it down to a few key points.

  1. I want to make the game I have been dreaming about for years.
  2. I want to learn skills I can use to make money, either in small projects, or eventually full time.
  3. I want to have fun, enjoy what I am doing.

So, where do I start? Jumping straight into the game could work, but the graphics aspect of pygame is a bit tricky, and does not quite fit the type of game I want to make. Maybe starting with the second point will be better start. I ended up back at Codecademy looking up python classes. Some of which sounded super interesting, but I fall into this issue where I know enough about coding that the beginning of any class seems super boring. I was very tempted to buy an Intensive program through the site. But $199 seemed like quite a bit.

So I went on a search. I ended up at Udemy and, low and behold, all their classes where on crazy discount. I found one that sounded interesting. Python and Django Full Stack Web Devleoper Bootcamp. The normal price of this is $199.99. The deal turned that into $11.99. Now I am sure there are regular deals, and ways to get cheaper classes, but this seemed like great timing. So I went ahead and bought it.

My goal is to learn some of the basics of web apps using Python and Django. Instead of trying to learn more asp.net or php, which I tried a year or so ago, I am going to go this route.

I started the class. Pretty much skipped the HTML, CSS, and most of the Javascript sections. It was nice to be reminded of Bootstrap, which I will likely use for making web apps in the future. I got through the DOM section. Next I am going to start digging into jQuery and then getting more into the backend level with python and Django. Those are going to be the most exciting parts.

Maybe I will turn my game into a very basic web app. Lots of work, lots of fun ahead. Just need to find time to use it.