Being put on bench at work has ment plenty of time for training and getting my rusty skills back up to modern standards. I had already started the Pythong/Django course, but (sadly) those technologies are not used very often within the State Governement here in Olympia. With my new job and the need to stay competative with my skillset I decided to start a new course on something that will be more relevent, at least going forward.

I live in the Microsoft State, and Government sure loves Microsoft technologies. So I am taking a course on DotNet Core. Compared to the old .Net it does feel a bit better in terms of its open nature. It is an open source Microsoft coding platform that can be run just as easy in a Macintosh or Linux environment compared to Windows. Which is just a bit better than being stuck in the Microsoft bubble completely. The course I am taking has me building a fake Dating site using DotNet Core to be the backend API and using Angular 7 to do the front end. Angular still wants to fight be pretty bad in places, but the act of building a program like this has really modivated me to keep building.

As I go through the course I have been also building a separete project just for me, that is using the skills I am building up in the course. I decided I need to start building stuff that I enjoy and drive my interests. So I decided to make an online Starfinder Charater sheet. It is fully in my wheel house and its something that I am modivated to have.

At first I started with just getting all the data figured out. I started to use OmniGraffle to lay out my data design.

Though not nearly complete yet, this gives you an idea of the work I am doing to get all the data organized.

Just gotta keep my modivation going. I might build this out using Angular and DotNet Core. Then maybe try to refactor the API into Django and Python. Because if it is a side project, and it is just for me, why not use what I like!