Adventures in unRaid

My game development learning has taken a quick detour. A week or so after the last post one of my Drobos connected to my media center decided to stop reading one of the bays. I am not sure if it was a fluke or if something was wrong with the drive. I did my testing, but could not fix anything.

The media center is used nearly every day. Not something I want to lose! Plex has been a good part of our lives. I mentioned my woes to my coworker who brought up unRaid. A great NAS storage system that does not stripe the data on drives, but instead uses a parity drive to keep data secure. Moving to that type of system would really save some space, be more future proof, and be within my control, unlike the drobos I am using now.

So I started the grand project of building an unRaid box! I took apart my existing gaming PC and replaced a few parts. And now I have a working system! After much work this is the result!

It is also running Plex, nextcloud to replace my dropbox, openvpn for vpn access to my network, and synchthing for getting items from my seedbox. Plus the best part of all is that it is running a VM to act as my gaming computer. I passed through my GPU and gave it some cores of the CPU and it runs great. Its an older graphics card (GeForce 780), but it works pretty well.

I might go into detail about the different parts, but for now I am just happy at getting this working. Now to get back to programming!