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Map of town 1. Malak Farm Dary Farm. Isadorer Malak owner.
3. Belhaim Garrison Sheriff Benhovy and majority of Guards gone south. Only Deputies left are Letha Mulle and Varyl Hodd.
4. The Wise Piper Talia Orem (Inn Keeper). Follower of Shelyn
5. Xemne's Tonics Apothecary run by a woman named Xemne of Demgazi.
6. Nachis Sisters Scribe. Ionnia Nachis (owner)
7. Akil's Meats Butcher. Orrin Akil (owner)
9. Tymek's General Store. Caspar Tymek (owner)
10. Belhaim Record Hall Barrister. Jacoba Kivris (owner)
12. Belhaim Schoolhouse School. Tivadar Admes (Headmaster)
13. Sensina Hides Leatherworker. THeon Sensina (owner)
14. Belhaim Commons - Amphitheater.
15. House of Abadar Abadar Temple. Head Cleric is Eupaphenia Targas.
16. Baccus Smithy Smithy. "Big Bull" Baccus (half-orc) (owner)
17. Dodgion Livery Stable. Lezara Dodgion runs it.
22. Bassy's house Bassy, local expert lives here.
23. Delbin's Devices Tinker. Phedra Delbin
25. The Sunset House Undertaker/Cemetary. Calladastina Honas
27. Devy Manor Lady Origena Devy Town Baroness
28. Balthus Hunclay Manor Balthus Hunclay, wizard, (missing)
32. Shrine of the Seven Roses Shelyn Temple. Head Cleric Nilos Genser.
35. Greyhands - Tavern. Run by Abadar follower Swerlo Grayhands.
37. Willowway Orchard Apple Farm. Head farmer, Elf named Emarthine Willoway. Druid.
39. Abrassus Ranch Sheep farm.
44. Anagrit's Cottage Herbalist. Anagrit is the local witch.
45. Belhaim Cheeses Cheesemaker. Dendo Bendetto (owner)
47. Kandos Weavers Clothier. Lorna Kandos (owner)
48. Tints & Dyes Dyer. Mafellen Kandos (owner)
Tower Ruins Called Witch Tower. Some sort of ancient structure.

Strange flying creature in Summoning Circle

Homunculus in Hunclay's Manor

In Progress

Belhaim Historian - Learn a great Deal of Belhaim's History
Finding the Kells - Learn what became of the Kells.
Restore Maffei - Restore Maffei's injuries.
The Monastery Mystery - Learn what happened to the monks who once dwelled in the monastery
Explore the Crypt of Tula - Explore Tula's crypt and recover any weapons and items that might be useful within.
Learn Aeteperax's real identity - Learn who this "dragon" might be.


The Collapsed Tower - Investigate the cause of the Witch Tower's collapse. Reward: 500gp awarded by Baroness
Finding Hunclay - Find out whether Balthus Hunclay had anything to do with the Witch Tower's collapse.
Missing Locals - Rescue Baphre Malak. 200gp reward. - Delivered
Wolf Hunting - Kill the wolf that's been raiding Abrassus Ranch. Reward - 800gp
The Blood Vow Kobolds - Drive off or defeat the kobolds of the Blood vow tribe. Reward: 1,200gp
Helping Nighttail - Help Nighttail take control of Blood Vow Tribe. Reward - Nighttail's promise to leave Belhaim alone
Anagrit's Herbs - Get Anagrit's money, or herbs, back from Hunclay. Reward: Healers kit + 400gp
Exploring the Estate - Fully explore Hunclay's estate and ensure it is safe for the baroness' clerks. Reward: 5,000gp

House of Abadar

  • +1 light crossbow - 2,200gp
  • +2 Longword - 8,800gp ~~* Scroll of restoration (2) - 800gp each (would need to provide additional diamond dust to upgrade to higher power usage of spell) Wand of cure moderate wounds (39) - 3,860gp~~

Shrine of the Seven Roses

  • Deep red sphere ion stone - 8,000gp
  • goggles of minute seeing - 2,500gp
  • wand of lesser restoration (43 charges) - 3,870gp

Sensina Hides

  • +1 studded leather armor - 1,000gp

Delbin's Devices

  • +1 frost short sword - 8,000gp
  • golembane scarab - 2,500gp
  • ring of minor acid resistance - 12,000gp

Chance Smithy

  • +1 bashing heavy steel shield - 4,000gp