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Map of town 1. Malak Farm Dary Farm. Isadorer Malak owner.
3. Belhaim Garrison Sheriff Benhovy and majority of Guards gone south. Only Deputies left are Letha Mulle and Varyl Hodd.
4. The Wise Piper Talia Orem (Inn Keeper). Follower of Shelyn
5. Xemne's Tonics Apothecary run by a woman named Xemne of Demgazi.
6. Nachis Sisters Scribe. Ionnia Nachis (owner)
7. Akil's Meats Butcher. Orrin Akil (owner)
9. Tymek's General Store. Caspar Tymek (owner)
10. Belhaim Record Hall Barrister. Jacoba Kivris (owner)
12. Belhaim Schoolhouse School. Tivadar Admes (Headmaster)
13. Sensina Hides Leatherworker. THeon Sensina (owner)
14. Belhaim Commons - Amphitheater.
15. House of Abadar Abadar Temple. Head Cleric is Eupaphenia Targas.
16. Baccus Smithy Smithy. "Big Bull" Baccus (half-orc) (owner)
17. Dodgion Livery Stable. Lezara Dodgion runs it.
22. Bassy's house Bassy, local expert lives here.
23. Delbin's Devices Tinker. Phedra Delbin
25. The Sunset House Undertaker/Cemetary. Calladastina Honas
27. Devy Manor Lady Origena Devy Town Baroness
28. Balthus Hunclay Manor Balthus Hunclay, wizard, (missing)
32. Shrine of the Seven Roses Shelyn Temple. Head Cleric Nilos Genser.
35. Greyhands - Tavern. Run by Abadar follower Swerlo Grayhands.
37. Willowway Orchard Apple Farm. Head farmer, Elf named Emarthine Willoway. Druid.
39. Abrassus Ranch Sheep farm.
44. Anagrit's Cottage Herbalist. Anagrit is the local witch.
45. Belhaim Cheeses Cheesemaker. Dendo Bendetto (owner)
47. Kandos Weavers Clothier. Lorna Kandos (owner)
48. Tints & Dyes Dyer. Mafellen Kandos (owner)
Tower Ruins Called Witch Tower. Some sort of ancient structure.

Strange flying creature in Summoning Circle

Homunculus in Hunclay's Manor